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Pug Health and Wellbeing

We know from experience that Pugs, being pure bred, have many health problems. Hercules (2008-2012), died of a heart attack. We know he had heart problems, but he ran around like he was king of the world, until one day his heart gave up.

healthy pug

Typical Pug Health Issues

Their flat face causes breathing difficulties (Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome (BAOS)), bulging eyes can cause eye problems, excessive wrinkles can be prone to yeast infections and then there are back and heart problems. So if you fall in love with pugs get one from a reputable breeder and get a vet to check them out before you part with your money.

Here are some useful links with more information

Read on but the most important message to get across is to consult your vet, don't alway rely on Vet Google, after all, you wouldn't rely on Dr Google for your own health would you!

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